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Rwanda Muhondo

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Producer: Muhondo coffee Company / Northern Province Variety: 100% Arabica Bourbon
Green coffee sorting: Hand selective sorting
Soil: Volcanic to Sand-clay
Growing altitude: 18000 Plus m above sea level Harvesting: Selective hand picking
Processing: Wet processing in coffee washing station Drying method: Direct sun drying
Muhondo company description: This company is only three years old and has managed to take first place in Rwanda’s cup of excellence 2014 and third place in 2015.
Before the it was bought by a private person (Rwandan) it was just a co-operative that didn’t maximize the quality of its coffee. When it was bought by Mr Jean he transformed to a company that of course not on commercial coffee production but quality oriented .
Muhondo is a medium sized plantation with about 218 hectares and about 1600 coffee farmers.
The washing station and dry mill are located in one centre that deals with the processing of those coffees